Can you use the blackberry 9300 as a tethered modem windows 7

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same here can't connect to app world through tether,with telus 9300 my speeds are pretty good 1.35 down. I think some one on this forum said that u can only do wifi .
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A BlackBerry Curve device can be tethered to a laptop computer. When you tether a Curve to a laptop, it means that you can use the device to connect to the Internet .
TetherBerry just launched today. Tethering has been around awhile for BlackBerry
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Can you use the blackberry 9300 as a tethered modem windows 7

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I have searched hi and low and googled my brains out, but, I still can not find out how to use my Telus Curve as a fax modem. I have installed faxing software and .
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"Now on your blackberry seach for your wireless and select your connection. "
Yes of course you can use blackberry 8520 as a modem. Please do the following steps to do the same. 1. Install Blackberry Desktop manager 2. Connect your blackberry .
How to Tether iPad
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